Section J: Students

JB:  Equal Educational Opportunities (pdf)
JEA:  Compulsory Attendance (pdf)
JFAA:  Admission of Resident Students (pdf)
JFAB:  Admission of Non-Resident Students (pdf)
JFABB:  Admission of Foreign Students (pdf)
JFB:  Tuition Payment for Students Attending Out-of-Maine Schools (pdf)
JFC:  Dropout Prevention Student Withdrawal from School (pdf)
JFCK:  Student Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Electronic Devices (pdf)
JFCK-R:  Student Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Electronic Devices Procedure (pdf)
JHB:  Truancy (pdf)
JI:  Student Rights and Responsibilities (pdf)
JIC:  System-wide Student Code of Conduct (pdf)
JICA:  Student Dress (pdf)
JICB:  Care of School Property by Students (pdf)
JICH:  Drug & Alcohol Use by Students – Student Substance Abuse (pdf)
JICIA:  Weapons, Violence, and School Safety (pdf)
JICK:  Bullying and Cyberbullying in Schools (pdf)
JICK-R:  Bullying Administrative Procedure (pdf)
JICK-E1:  Bullying Report Form (pdf)
JICK-E2:  Bullying Investigation Form (pdf)
JICK-E3:  Bullyinig Documentation of Disciplinary and Remedial Actions Taken (pdf)
JICK-E4:  Bullying Reporting, Investigation and Intervention/Resolution Process (pdf)
JIH:  Questioning and Searches of Students (pdf)
JIH-E:  Student Search Checklist (pdf)
JIH-R:  Questioning and Searches of Students Administrative Procedure (pdf)
JJIAA:  Private School Students – Access to Public School Co-curricular, Interscholastic and Extracurricular Activities (pdf)
JJIAA-E1:  Private School Student Application for Participation in RSU 18 Co-Curricular and/or Extracurricular Activities (pdf)
JJIAA-E2:  Verification of Private School Student Eligibility for Participation in RSU 18 Co-curricular and/or Extracurricular Activities (pdf)
JJIF:  Management of Concussions and Other Severe Head Injuries (pdf)
JJIF-E:  Concussion Information Sheet (pdf)
JK:  Student Discipline (pdf)
JKAA:  Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion (pdf)
JKAA-R:  Procedures of Physical Restraint and Seclusion (pdf)
JKD:  Student Detention/ Suspension (pdf)
JKE:  Expulsion of Students (pdf)
JKE-R:  Expulsion of Students Guidelines (pdf)
JKF:  Disciplinary Removals of Students with Disabilities
JKF-R:  Administrative Procedure for Removal of Students with Disabilities (pdf)
JLCB:  Immunization of Students (pdf)
JLCC:  Communicable/ Infectious Diseases (pdf)
JLCCB:  Student Allergies (pdf)
JLCCB-R:  Administrative Procedure for Students with Allergies (pdf)
JLCD:  Administering Medication to Students (pdf)
JLCDA:  Medical Marijuana in Schools (pdf)
JLCE:  First Aid and Emergency Medical Care (pdf)
JLCE-R:  First Aid Administrative Procedure (pdf)
JLDA:  Wellness Policy (pdf)
JLDBG:  Reintegration of Students from Juvenile Correctional Facilities (pdf)
JLF:  Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (pdf)
JLF-E:  Suspected Child Abuse/ Neglect Report Form (pdf)
JLG:  Education of Homeless Children and Youth (pdf)
JLG-R:  Homeless Students – Administrative Procedure (pdf)
JLIB:  Student Dismissal Precautions (pdf)
JO:  Employment of Students (pdf)
JRA:  Student Education Records and Information (pdf)
JRA-E:  Annual Notice of Student Education Records and Information Rights (pdf)
JRA-R:  Student Education Records and Information – Administrative Procedure (pdf)