Section I - Instruction

ICA:  School Calendar (pdf)
ID:  School Day (pdf)
IGA:  Curriculum Development and Adoption (pdf)
IGDJ:  Interscholastic Athletics (pdf)
IGDJ-II:  Make-up of Interscholastic Athletic Teams (pdf)
IGDK:  Academic Eligibility Requirements for Participation in Extracurricular/Co-curricular Activities (pdf)
IHA:  Basic Instructional Program (pdf)
IHBA:  Model Policy on Individualized Education Programs (pdf)
IHBAA:  Referral/ Pre-referral of Students with Disabilities (pdf)
IHBAA-R:  Referral/ Pre-referral of Students with Disabilities Procedures (pdf)
IHBAC:  Child Find Policy (pdf)
IHBAG:  Programming in the Least Restrictive Environment (pdf)
IHBAG-R:  Programming in the Least Restrictive Environment Administrative Procedure (pdf)
IHBAI:  Independent Educational Evaluations (pdf)
IHBAK:  Life-Sustaining Emergency Care
IHBAL:  Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities (pdf)
IHBEA:  Programs for English Language Learners (pdf)
IHBG:  Home Instruction Program
IHBGA:  Home Schooling – Participation in School Programs
IHCDA:  Post-secondary Options/ Concurrent Enrollment (pdf)
IHD:  Adult/ Community Education (pdf)
IJJ:  Selection of Educational Materials (pdf)
IJJ-E:  Citizen’s Challenge of Educational Media form (pdf)
IJNDB:  Student Use of School-Issued Computers, Devices and the Internet (pdf)
IJNDB-R:  Student Computer/Device and Internet Use Rules (pdf)
IJOC:  School Volunteers (pdf)
IKAA:  Final Exams (pdf)
IKE:  Learner Progress through Our Learning System (pdf)
IKF:  Graduation Requirements (pdf)
IKFA:  Adult Education Graduation Requirements (pdf)
IL:  Evaluation of Instructional Programs (pdf)
ILD:  Student Surveys and Marketing Information (pdf)
IMB:  Teaching About Controversial Issues (pdf)
IMBB:  Accommodation of Sincere Beliefs in Required Instruction (pdf)
IMDA:  Patriotic Exercises (pdf)
IMDB:  Flag Displays (pdf)
IMG:  Animals in Schools (pdf)
IMG-R:  Permission to Bring Pet/ Animal to School (form) (pdf)