Section G: Personnel

GA:  Personnel Policies/ Goals (pdf)
GBA:  Affirmative Action Plan (pdf)
GBB:  Staff Involvement in Decision Making (pdf)
GBE:  Staff Rights and Responsibilities (pdf)
GBEA:  Staff Ethics (Code of Ethics of the Education Profession) (pdf)
GBEB:  Staf Conduct – Extended or Foreign Field Trips (pdf)
GBEBC:  Staff Gifts and Solicitations (pdf)
GBEC:  Drug-Free workplace (pdf)
GBED:  Smoking on School Unit Premises (pdf)
GBGA:  Staff Health and Safety (pdf)
GBGAA:  Bloodborne Pathogens (pdf)
GBGAA-R:  Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan (pdf)
GBGE:  Return to Work and Light-Duty Assignments (pdf)
GBI:  Staff Participation i Political Activities (pdf)
GBJ:  Personnel Records and Files (pdf)
GBK:  Grievances:  Support Staff (pdf)
GBK-R:  Resolution of Staff Complaints/ Grievances Administrative Procedure (pdf)
GBN:  Family and Medical Leave (pdf)
GBO:  Family Care Leave (pdf)
GCA:  Professional Staff Positions (pdf)
GCBC:  Professional Staff Supplementary Pay Plans (pdf)
GCBD:  Professional Staff Fringe Benefits (pdf)
GCC:  Professional Staff Leaves and Absences (pdf)
GCCAB:  Professional Staff Leave for Jury Duty (and other Legal Responsibilities) (pdf)
GCCAD:  Professional Staff Military Leave (pdf)
GCEC:  Posting of Professional Staff Vacancies (pdf)
GCF:  Professional Staff Hiring (pdf)
GCFB:  Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff (pdf)
GCFB-R:  Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff Administrative Procedure (pdf)
GCF-R:  Professional Staff Hiring Procedure (pdf)
GCG:  Arrangement for Professional Staff Substitutes (pdf)
GCGB-R:  Arrangements for Professional Staff Substitutes (pdf)
GCI:  Professional Staff Development Opportunities (pdf)
GCN:  Supervision of Professional Staff (pdf)
GCOA:  Evaluation of Professional Staff (pdf)
GCOC:  Evaluation of Administrative Staff (pdf)
GCQC:  Resignation of School Unit Employees (pdf)
GCSA:  Employee Computer and Internet Use (pdf)
GCSA-R:  Employee Computer and Internet Use Rules (pdf)