Section E: Support Services

EB:  Safety Program (pdf)
EBAA:  Chemical Hazards (pdf)
EBBAA:  First Aid (pdf)
EBBB:  Accident Reports (pdf)
EBCA:  Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (Formerly:  Crisis Response Plan) (pdf)
EBCB:  Fire Drills (pdf)
EBCC:  Bomb Threats (pdf)
EBCC-E:  Bomb Threats (Incident Report/ Checklist) (pdf)
EBCE:  Emergency Closings/ Delay of Opening (pdf)
EBCE-R:  Emergency Closings or Delays (pdf)
EBCF:  Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) (pdf)
EC:  Buildings/ Grounds/ Property Management (pdf)
ECA:  Security (pdf)
ECAB:  Access to Buildings and Grounds (Trespass on School Property) (pdf)
ECB:  Pest Management in School Facilities and on School Grounds (pdf)
ECD:  Custodial Services (pdf)
ECE:  Traffic and Parking Controls (pdf)
EE:  Transportation Services (pdf)
EEAA:  Walkers and Riders (pdf)
EEACC:  Student Conduct on School Buses (pdf)
EEACC-E:  Misconduct Report (pdf)
EEACC-R:  Student Conduct – Rules of Behavior (pdf)
EEAE:  School Bus Safety Program (pdf)
EEAEA:  Student Transportation Employee Requirements, Training and Responsibilities (pdf)
EEAEAA:  Drug and Alcohol Testing of School Bus Drivers (pdf)
EEAEAA-R:  Drug and Alcohol Testing of School Bus Drivers Administrative Procedure (pdf)
EEAF:  Special Use of School Buses (pdf)
EEBB:  Use of Private Vehicles on School Business (pdf)
EF:  Food Services Management (pdf)
EFC:  Free and Reduced Price Food Services (pdf)
EFC-E:  Free and Reduced Price Food Services Procedure (pdf)
EFCE:  Food Service Management – Vending Machines (pdf)
EFD:  Payment for Food Services (pdf)
EFE:  Sales of Foods in Competition with the Food Service Program (pdf)
EGAD:  Copyright Compliance (pdf)
EGAD-R:  Copyright Compliance Administrative Procedure (pdf)
EGAE-R:  Student Receipt of Mail at School Procedure (pdf)
EHB:  School Records Retention Policy (pdf)
EI:  Insurance Management