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Baseball/Softball Tryouts

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March 27-31

Baseball/Softball – All players

April 3-7

Information for Sixth Graders

 Weekly Athletics Schedule


The Central Maine League is committed to providing interscholastic opportunities for eligible students in Middle Level grades. The emphasis should be on creating a worthwhile and enjoyable experience for students, while broadening their education in areas such as sportsmanship, leadership, citizenship, and participation in life-long activities. Middle level activities should help each student gain the knowledge and skills associated with the activity for his or her enjoyment and benefit. Athletics are learning opportunities for our students that teach them how to maintain a positive attitude while experiencing the emotions associated with both winning and losing. As a league, we expect that students grow and enjoy themselves as they participate in interscholastic competition.

The Interscholastic Athletics Program offers students in grades 6-12 the opportunity to compete in various sports.  In sponsoring this program, the Board has adopted the following philosophy:

It is our feeling that the purpose of extracurricular activities is to promote the physical, mental, moral, social, and emotional well being of the individual participants.  It is expected that t he participants in our program will display the proper  ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play; to show and encourage respect to opposing teams, fellow players and coaches, and officials; and finally to encourage a winning spirit while not losing sight of the above ideals.  It is the will of this school district that a successful program may be made available to all with maximum participation.  Liberal use of squad members is desired and consistent with a winning tradition.  It is further the will of this school district that our young people pursue as many sports and extracurricular activities as possible so as to expand their experiences and that coaches and advisors, working cooperatively, encourage students toward this goal of broad participation.

Student Athletes must have a physical on file within the last 2 years to be eligible to play

ATHLETIC OFFICE: 465-2167 Fax: 465-9683

Athletic Director - John Lisa Email:

MMS offers the following Athletic opportunities for all students who meet eligibility requirements: