Dr. Seuss Read To Me Assembly Celebration
Dr. Seuss Read To Me Assembly Celebration

Atwood Primary School


Atwood primary school is geographically located approximately 20 miles north of our state capital, Augusta, Maine.

The area is rural yet renowned for the Belgrade Lakes, a chain of seven lakes including East Pond, North Pond, McGrath Pond, Salmon Pond, Great Pond, Long Pond, and Snow Pond. Our school is part of the Messalonskee School District, which encompasses the towns of Oakland, Belgrade, Sidney, China and Rome, Maine.

The Atwood Primary School now serves kindergarten through second grade students in the town of Oakland, Maine. In addition, the school houses a preschool program for four year olds.

Atwood Primary School has the FISH! Philosophy!  Whenever children perform an act of kindness or demonstrate good decision making, they are rewarded with a “fish” from our office fish bowl!  This fish is a tangible symbol for the children to take home after school to encourage a conversation at home about their good deeds!

Principal: Jennifer McGee  
Email: jmcgee@rsu18.org 

March 6: 8:30 to 9:30: Dr. Seuss Read To Me Assembly Celebration/ Parents and Guardians Invited to join us! (Wear Red and White Day for Students)

March 16: Early Release Day/ 12:00 noon release

March 17: Due to the use of our snow days…March 17 will be a full student day!

March 28: 6:00 Budget Workshop Meeting at Messalonskee Middle School

March 29: 6:00 Budget Workshop Meeting at Messalonskee Middle School

Notes: Brrrrr, brrrrr, brrrrrr…make sure your child is bundled up for the season. We go outside on any days above 10 degrees! Warm hats, warm mittens and jackets and ski pants are a must…and sending in extra dry mittens and socks is advisable!

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