Student of the Month Awards - May 2017

May 11, 2017

Kindness and enthusiasm is a powerful combination, one that absolutely can shape the atmosphere of a school in a most positive way for everybody in the building. The Students of the Month honored this week score high in this quality – a friendly foursome filled with fervor.

Freshman Jayden Gurney, sophomore Lillie Fortier, junior Chase Warren, and senior Brayden Paine are students who boost the spirits of others on a regular basis.

Jayden, along with being extremely polite and mature, is known to stay after class to ask his teachers if he can help in anyway or simply to say thank you to the teacher. He is a student whose natural inclination is to help any classmates in need of assistance.

Lillie, the sophomore winner, is an energetic young lady who in addition to her academic load is a member of both the Math Team and Garden Club. She also has embraced taking online courses because she says, “It’s fun.”

Chase, the junior SOM recipient, has gained a reputation as the “voice of reason” in a class in a boisterous literature class. He is a student who holds strong to his convictions but is respectful of other points of view. He also responds well to constructive criticism. For example, he responds to critiques of his writing with a renewed energy to improve his next effort.

Need somebody to create a video? Brayden, the senior winner, is the person to contact. He has volunteered on numerous occasions to do video work for people in need at Messalonskee. Polite and responsible, Brayden also comes armed with a great sense of humor and is known to be a good-natured prankster.

Brayden also is one of seven Messalonskee students named to the National Technical Honor Society. The others are Hunter Alexander, Ben Bard, Victoria Christianson, David Hreben, Robert Moore, and Shaina Nalley.